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  • I open up the tab and I'm in the zone? Can I open up another tab on my computer and still be in the zone?
    Yes! As long as you logged in and clicked into the zone, you're in! Be about your day as you wish and the zone (while logged in) will be available to your energy for 4 hours!
  • If I get up and cook or take a shower am I still in the zone? If I go out side or take my dog for a walk am I still in or not?
    Yes! When you log in and click on a zone you're accessing it energetically for 4 hours or until you log out. Even if you leave your computer or phone behind you're receiving the vibes.
  • Are the other people in my space (home or office) also in the zone while its up on my computer?
    The zone is programmed to operate only for the ZOE space member, however, those around can benefit from your personal energetic shift.
  • If my computer or phone goes to sleep does that turn it off?
    Nope! The simple act of you choosing to log into a zone opens you up to the energetic portals. You will continue receiving for 4 hours or until you log out, whichever is first.
  • If I was coming to the site for a specific reason, would I open it up and meditate to better receive the energy?
    You can definitely meditate to individually connect to the space though it is not necessary. You can also log in to the zone and go about your day letting the energy work on you. The addition of meditation could however, support your awareness to the energies over time.
  • Am I supposed to feel something?
    Those who are sensitive to energy will most likely instantly feel the vibrations of the zone. Those who aren't as sensitive still benefit greatly from regular logging into the zone, however it may take a month or so of consistent use to physically feel the actual energies.
  • I don’t think I’m used to things being easy. I love the idea of it working without me having to do anything, though my brain is wanting to know “how” it’s working.
    Totally understandable! Kind of like not seeing yet still believing in a God. It's not what we've been taught, that things can be easy. Simply being open to play with the possibilities of experiencing the zone, you are open to receive it!
  • I was expecting to click on the zones and find content, like a video or written instructions or something. Is the idea that by clicking on the zones I’m activating an energetic portal?
    Yes, you are opening a portal for 4 hours or until you log out of the zone on your computer whichever comes first. You can close the window and remain in the portal. So long as you don't use the browser to leave, you're still in. However, opening another portal will close the first.
  • Can I be in more than one zone at once?
    We have it intentionally programmed for one zone at a time for maximum benefits. If you're logged into one zone, opening another portal will close the first one.
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